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Shinwon-Dental manufacturing factory was established in 2004 and we have been trying our best to improve
national health and quality of domestic medical equipments based on our utmost technology, we develop
and produce dental unit chairs professionally. We are proud of our status as an industry leader through excellent
manpower and continuous research and development, and we are striving for maximization of customers’ value
by best products and complete follow-up system.

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We obtained ISO13485 from DNV (DET NORKSE VERITAS) and CE0434 in March 19th, 2007, which enabled us to export to EU region. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by systematic control of the products, preventing product failure in advance and continuously improving the quality of the product with this certification.

Since the failure of any component for medical equipment may cause critical problem or big accident by even one malfunction, complete product is produced
after going through tough qualification procedure in
production line as well as administrative process. Furthermore, we are making an effort to secure core
technologies with the establishment of R&D center in April, 2007 for the enhancement of global competitiveness amid technological sophistication and