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EZ-VAC is a highly enriched solution manufactured to remove odor of suction and spittoon sediments inside,
clean and sterilize. It is formulated to clean and eliminate deposits (inorganic soils, organic soils), debris, odors and organic contaminants from evacuation systems and suction tubing. It also contains isocyanurate and quaternary ammonium salts as anti-microbial agents.

EZ-VAC offers the cleaning as well as the effect of sterilizing the bacteria, tuberculosis bacilli, variety of fungus and viruses (HIV, HBV & etc.) together with deodorization effect.

Considering the total cost of whole packing content and dilution ratio as mixed with water, EZ-VAC is a highly enriched product provided with excellence of higher economy and effect than any other products available in the market.


RUSZERO is formulated to prevent scale formation and to inhibit corrosion.

“RUSZERO” offers powerful corrosion preventive capability against diverse sorts of metallic dental clinic devices, which is harmless to human skin with low irritation characteristic provided with cleaning and simple sterilization effect for convenience of use. It contains anodic inhibitors for depressing the oxidation process, and organophosphonate as adsorption inhibitors. Available in 1 L containers.


EZ-Sonic is a solution used in order to maximize the ultrasonic cleaning effect as diluted when conducting ultrasonic cleaning the devices and sorts with special washing liquid employed for ultrasonic cleaner. EZ-Sonic containing no enzyme, unlike those existing competitive products, generates no foul odor offering the advantage of long storage shelf life with no difference in terms of cleaning effect.

The ultrasonic cleaning solution contains the variety of ingredients as made to optimize the ultrasonic cleaning process, e.g. reducing surface tension built up on liquid does enhance the degree of cavitation effect allowing the complete cleaning process. Available in 1 L containers.


EZ-Klin is a washing solution dissolving the coagulated blood and highly useful in handling the handpiece. It is an enzymatic cleaning solution. The enzymatic reaction breaks down protein soils such as blood tissue and mucous. It is formulated to remove blood, tissue, oxides, plaster, pumice, soil, rouges, and buffing compounds from dental instruments and appliances, especially dried blood and tissue debris build up from handpiece. Available in 1 L containers.


EZ-Luby is lubricating oil and used for maintenance of straight and contra-angle handpieces, surgical instruments, air scalers, air motors, and turbines.

The formular of oil prolongs the lifespan of dental instruments. It gives excellent lubrication and internal cleaning, therefore, it ensures fault- free operation of dental instruments. Also, this oil is for use in EZ-Lubo M(Handpiece Lubricating Machine). It is all synthesized oil and performs to clear debris inside instruments and maintain to run smoothly every part in a device. In addition to sterilizable itself, it is absolutely resistant to hydrolysis, stable against oxidation.

It also reduces unnecessary noise caused by operation and prevents expenditure from exchanging any cartridge. This synthetic oil is not toxic constituents, physiologically harmless, and environmentally harmonious. This product is manufactured to be complied with international regulations. Available in 1 L containers.

Instruction for Use
  • rovide strong adhesion
  • Easy adhesion for dental brackets.
  • Not lumpy
  • 37% phosphoric acid etchant
  • Effective removal of smear layer
  • Excellent flowability and easy application
  • Bottle and syringe versions
  • Low viscosity and high viscosity versions
Areas of application
  • Before bonding dental brackets
  • Before restorations
  • Before using bonding agents
  • 1. The surface of the teeth must be thoroughly rinsed with sterile water and dried with air.
  • 2. Apply S-Etchant with single-use brush.
  • 3. Etching time: dentin 10-15s, enamel 20-30s
  • 4. Afterwards, remove S-Etchant with suction and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Dry with air.
  • 5. Take care not to contaminate the S-Etchant
  • 6. Proceed as indicated in the bonding manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Protect against direct sunlight and humidity
  • Store at room temperature (1℃ to 30℃)
Shelf life

Take note of the expiration and lot number located on the package

  • For dental use only
  • Do not use this medical device after the expiration date
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Always replace cap after use
Instruction for Use
S-Prep is an EDTA gel.
  • Desirable consistency
  • Maximize cleansing effect(PH 4-6)
  • Simply dissolves in water and removed easily to greatly lower the chances of residue in the root canal.
  • Outstanding performance in cleaning root canal walls and residue
  • Disinfecting/antibacterial effect
  • 1. The use of a rubber dam is recommended to isolate the tooth from saliva.
  • 2. Rinse the root canal with compressed air and sterile water.
  • 3. Before using the syringe, remove the cap and replace it with an irrigation tip.
  • 4. Apply slight pressure to the plunger in order to check the material’s viscosity.
  • 5. Directly apply S-Prep in the root canal.
  • 6. Rinse the root canal with sterile water and hypochlorous soda to remove S-Prep, smear layer, and dentin mud.
  • 7. Dry the root canal with paper points.
  • 8. After finishing, pull out the plunger about 4mm, remove the irrigation tip, and replace the cap to the opening of the syringe.
  • Protect against direct sunlight
  • Store at room temperature (1℃ to 30℃)
  • For dental use only
  • Do not use this medical device after the expiration date
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Keep out of the reach of children