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YK System

YK System Implant Prosthetic System which of unique design and innovative technic is a brand-new lateral secrew prosthetic system which is much improved.

Perfect(Aesthetic) Occlusal Surface

- Aesthetic occlusal surface ascement type using T-Screw(traverse screw) on lateral side.

- Easy and simple setting of prosthesis

- A wide range of application to all-cetamic crown, all-zirconium crown or long bridge

No Screw Loosening

- No concern about screw loosening using ALIPS®(Anti-Loosening Inner Post Screw)

- Time and cost saving to manage the implant prosthetic appliance and to adjust the dispute with the patient due to the screw loosening

100% Retrieve & Eaasy Maintenance

- Simple process of disassembling the implant prosthetic appliances (abutment & crown) from the fixture and reconnecting them to the fixture

- Easy repair of the implant prosthetic appliances and contact point loosening

- Implant prosthesis without mal-oder which is the weakness of screw type using a marginal sealer

- Improved hygienic management with ultrasonic washing and sanitizing implant prosthetic appliances

- Convenient periodontal treatment and scaling

- Increase of patient's reliability th the clinic